About Bioworks North America

BIOWORKS offers the ideal wastewater treatment system for domestic, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment

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Bioworks North America Inc. is the US subsidiary of the BIOWORKS group which provides a broad range of wastewater treatment processes worldwide.

Bioworks is a company that helps consulting engineers and other customers consistently and professionally meet their objectives: state-of-the-art process design assistance, clean effluent to improve our environment, reduced energy usage, and easy plant operation and maintenance.

Bioworks creates value by designing each project specifically for our customers’ needs and our aim is to exceed expectations in terms of design, costs, support, and operation of our systems.

Why choose Bioworks?

The BIOWORKS® process produces a high quality treated effluent with low capital, operation and maintenance costs

Our engineers design systems to minimize our customers' cost of ownership, and our site-crew install and optimize the equipment to ensure longevity and minimal maintenance:

  • We help from the start (the process design) to the finish (installation and then operational support)
  • Guaranteed results (from the Bioworks Long Sludge Age Process)
  • Low energy usage (our diffused aeration system is the finest of its kind)
  • Simple, low cost operation
  • Easy maintenance

Quality guaranteed

We guarantee our process designs and provide industry leading warranties on the equipment we provide.

Relying on our engineers' broad experience in the design and operation of wastewater treatment systems, we are dedicated to working with our customers to ensure the equipment we provide works as designed.

Bioworks is committed to the success of each project and provides onsite installation support along with special tools required for installation to ensure the successful implementation of our systems. Our commitment to the success of the plant doesn’t end at the point of sale. We see ourselves as partners with our customers and are invested in the success of the installation for the life of the plant. Bioworks provides full service after the sale support including fi eld service, maintenance checkups, and process support.

American Engineering

Process engineering and field support are based in the USA

We're an American firm, standing ready to help design the industry's most effective aeration systems and complete wastewater treatment systems.