Aerated Lagoon Processes

Bioworks provides efficient and cost effective treatment for municipal aerated lagoon wastewater processes using our floating fine bubble diffuser system.

The Oxiworks® aeration system with the option for Oxirise® is ideal for use in aerated lagoons, where it offers superior performance and low energy requirements. Compared to mechanical aeration the Bioworks approach can save 50% or more of the electric usage, or alternatively can provide at least twice the oxygen transfer (and BOD reduction) using the same amount of energy.

As effluent requirements move toward tighter limits, traditional lagoon based treatment systems that either use no aeration or surface aeration often are not able to meet their limits. The Oxiworks diffuser system offers an efficient fine bubble aeration that not only increases the efficiency of the system, but significantly improves the process.

Effective aeration leads to a high degree of BOD reduction and nitrification – Bioworks stands ready to help design the system to meet your needs.

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