Koch Foods

Koch Foods is a chicken processing plant that needed a wastewater treatment system for industrial pretreatment.

The Problem

Koch foods in Montgomery Alabama is a large chicken processing facility

The plant discharges wastewater to its local POTW and is subject to BOD and TSS limits. It was not meeting those limits and a new waste treatment system was needed.

A Cost Effective Solution

The new system needed to be able to produce effluent to meet the industrial pretreatment standards for the local POTW

The pretreatment standards for the local POTW are subject to BOD and TSS limits.

The system uses an anaerobic treatment step followed by an aerated lagoon.  An aerated lagoon was chosen because it was able to meet the effluent requirements without needing to use a more costly activated sludge system.

Bioworks Oxiworks fine bubble diffuser system was employed because of its low capital cost and efficient fine bubble system that minimizes operating costs.


The plant has been in operation for over 5 years and has consistently met effluent requirements with minimal maintenance

The fine bubble aeration system minimizes energy use and the rugged Bioworks equipment is easy to maintain.