Pleasant View, TN

The municipal lagoon system in Pleasant View, TN needed to add aeration to their existing lagoons to eliminate odors and get better treatment.

The Problem

Pleasant View, TN had a facultative lagoon system that was in need of an upgrade.  The plant was not nitrifying and the effluent BOD concentration and odors were increasing as the load to the plant increased.

The Solution

Since installation, the plant is performing better than ever

Installing a Bioworks Aeration system to aerate the lagoon was a cost effective solution that provided the system with the oxygen necessary to complete nitrification and BOD removal.  A baffle was installed in the lagoon to create a well mixed cell and a partially mixed cell.

Maintenance of the Oxiworks system is minimal and the efficiency is much better than other alternatives considered.  Bioworks was able to stay in this small municipality's budget to provide the equipment necessary to modernize this plant. No new basins were required.