Oxirise® Maintenance and Retrieval System

Bioworks has created a simple and effective system to minimize manual labor for system maintenance of our fine bubble diffuser system.

Why Oxirise?

Oxirise makes maintenance and cleaning of the diffusers simple and easy.

Oxirise uses pressurized air to float the assembly effortlessly to the surface without the need for any awkward manual lifting of heavy equipment or slippery hoses.

At the surface a higher air flow passes through the membranes to remove any biological slime.

This essential piece of equipment will reduce further cleaning requirements, help maintain oxygen transfer efficiency, and ensure maximum service life of the diffusers.

How it Works

The Oxirise system allows the operator to raise each diffuser assembly to the surface without ever entering the basin by simply activating a switch at the side of the basin.

The benefits of the Oxirise system are:

  • When work on the diffusers are necessary, they can be retrieved from the surface without reaching under diffuser headers and pulling up of the diffuser assemblies suspended in the basin creating an easier safer way to perform maintenance.
  • When the Oxirise system is activated periodically, it cleans and flexes the fine bubble diffusers, maximizing the life of the membranes.

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