The Oxiworks® Fine Bubble Diffuser

The Oxiworks floating fine bubble diffuser system brings high efficiency aeration to both activated sludge and lagoon wastewater treatment systems.

How it works

Air is supplied from the blowers to the air main to each floating lateral header.  The air then flows through the down-comer hoses into the Oxiworks diffuser assembly.

In the diffuser assembly, the air is distributed through high efficiency fine bubble tubular membranes creating 1 mm fine bubbles for aeration and mixing.

Moving Headers Make a Difference

The system is designed to allow the lateral floating headers with suspended diffusers to move in the basin creating significant advantages:

  • The oxygen transfer is maximized because the diffusers are continually move towards areas of low dissolved oxygen. Along with using high efficiency fine bubble diffusers, this increases the overall efficiency of the system.
  • Moving diffusers mix a significantly larger area than other systems because the laterals oscillate over a wide area. Oxiworks can reduce the required amount of mixing air by 30% compared to fixed aeration systems.

Why choose Oxiworks aeration system?

  • Superior SOTE rates. The moving diffuser principle of operation and production of fine bubbles makes Oxiworks aerators highly efficient, resulting in lower energy consumption, and high quality effluent.
  • Savings on cost of maintenance, service and replacement parts. Oxiworks is constructed from high quality, robust and corrosion free components with long service life.
  • Environmentally friendly, recyclable polypropylene components.
  • Easy maintenance. The Oxiworks®floating aeration system is easier to maintain than fixed floor-mounted grid aeration systems. They are not rigidly anchored to the tank floor, and can be maintained during the normal process operation without emptying the basin, by pulling them up to the surface. With Oxirise®the assembly can be floated effortlessly to the surface.
  • Prevention of any back-flow of liquid or sludge. Oxiworks system automatically shuts off and is sealed if aeration or the operation of the plant is interrupted.
  • Expandable, modular system. If more aeration is needed, an Oxiworks system is easily upgraded with the simple addition of diffusers to the floating header.
  • No hidden costs. We supply everything you need. We supply the complete aeration system inside the lagoon, with all accessories, diffusers, floating pipe, couplings, hoses, clamps, ballast, fixation (steel cables, shackles etc.), including the termination valve at the shore.
  • Installation and supervision carried out by our site staff.
  • No need to drain the existing lagoon basin, or interrupt the treatment process.
  • Mechanical performance test and signed completion certificate following completion of the installation.
  • Process Support for the life of the plant

Product Reliability Matters

The Oxiworks aerator and Oxirise system were created by Bioworks engineers who have extensive experience in the wastewater treatment industry. These robust and durable components function to optimize the efficiency of the biological treatment process in all kinds of environments, climates and seasons.

The Oxiworks diffuser system is an up to date product built with high quality components that increase the reliability and life of the system.  Key features of the product are:


With an up to date silicone diffuser, the Oxirise fine bubble diffusers offers a longer lasting more efficient system that reflects the newest technology in fine bubble diffusers.


Bioworks uses a durable saddle clamp connection with stainless steel hose barbs to connect down-comer hoses to the floating header.  This prevents leaks and failures that can occur if the hose barbs are tapped directly into the floating HDPE header.


The hoses used in the Oxiworks diffuser system have been carefully selected for maximum durability and flexibility for the system.

Assembly Components

The injection molded ballasted headers on the diffuser assembly along with the assembled components reflect a design that puts to use the many years of experience our engineers have to create a robust product that is easy to assemble and service.

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